The Wonderful Team behind “Expats Relocation”
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Today I write, to thank and express my heartfelt gratitude towards your incessant appreciation for my maiden article. Your words have been the source of motivation. I hope this journey of my writings and your love towards them stays perpetual.

Today I shall delve further on the subject of expats relocation and immigration. To be precise, I shall enlighten you on the experience that a Relocation and Immigration Company provides to an Expat and his family when they move to India. Though there are endless immigration paperwork, meetings and planning happening backstage for every request, I shall mention only a few major ones.

Home Search

The process begins with finding a good home. This is probably the most cumbersome process as the requirements of the house are unique for every Expat. These requirements vary depending upon their culture, family size, recreational activities, distance from office and market, etc. We help them by suggesting the best available options and helping them settle at their new abode.

School Search

An International School considering factors like proximity to their house, curriculum, etc are crucial determinant while choosing the right school for their kids. We make sure the kids get the best education that helps them in their overall development.


Managing their end to end complex immigration paperwork starting from FRRO registration to visa renewal and other immigration compliance.

Pune Expat Club

Making the Expats familiar with all the available social groups and organizing social events where expats can socialize and have fun after their hectic work schedule.

I can proudly say that I am associated with Lexagent Expat Relocation which has a wonderful team that leaves no stone unturned to make every relocation request into a successful and memorable event for our clients. Someone has rightly said, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart”. This notion aptly describes the ideology that Lexagent Expat Relocation believes in.

I recently interacted with one of the US family that had relocated to India to share its experience with us, I was delighted to know their feedback. Below is an excerpt of the same:

” We couldn’t imagine if people like you were not there to help us relocate in this foreign country. This guy from your team helped us in our search for home and gave us a beautiful orientation of the city. He showed us more than 20 properties around the city to meet our requirements of office proximity, expat community around, availability of grocery stores, distance from our kid’s school. We understand it is very difficult to meet all those requirements in one place. We were initially very apprehensive with the requirements we had put forward and which we believe was very hard to fulfil. Even after showing us innumerable available options, this person had an unfailing pleasant smile on his face. He advanced forward and said with the positive attitude not to worry as he will get the best for us which he was ultimately able to deliver. I can say that we are very happy now in our new home. The joy of happiness at your own house cannot be compared with anything.

“The lady from your team who manages the “Expat Group” has introduced us with so many people of our country that we realized that we are not going to spend our weekends alone, we have company too to socialize. The countless events that you guys organize like the Coffee Connect Mornings, Ganesh Walk, Kite Fest and many more are a great way of meeting a lot of many people who are in India from different parts of the world and we get to know how Indians celebrates their festivals with utmost joy and happiness. Being a part of this group is amazing as the moment we post our queries, there are many helping hands that reach out to us almost instantly. To sum up my experience, India is now ‘ A home away from home’. Thanks to Lexagent Expat Relocation”

I would, however, acknowledge that it is actually the team that works at the backstage and often meets people who are the real heroes. All are our paperwork being well organized, we are able to deliver a hassle-free experience to our clients. Also, the utmost confidentiality that is maintained related to the client documents leaves them relieved of any information breach. At last, I would say that we here at Lexagent Expat Relocation are only doing our bit to bring a smile on an unknown face.

We have the experience and expertise to make your move easy, happy, exciting & hassle-free!

If you’re interested in moving your employees to India and would like best destination services across India, you can get in touch with our team.

The Wonderful Team behind “Expats Relocation”

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