Pre-Assignment Trip

Considering the personal preferences, the time constraints and the unique requirements of each corporate employee and their family that relocates from all over the world to India, at Lexagent, we work as a cohesive unit with the expats relocating.
Using our understanding of global know-how, we design a suitable corporate employee relocation program that addresses all the big issues and small problems! From pre-arrival information to city orientation; home renting to leasing; and dealing with a maze of paperwork, at Lexagent, we ensure that your expat employee and their families are handheld through the entire process.

Services Provided

An overview of available infrastructure, housing and commercial spaces.

Schooling, medical and support services in the city.

An up-to-date view of the neighborhoods in the city.

The work –life balance in the city.

Local customs as well as the city’s facilities of transportation, shopping, outdoors, culture and night life.

Amenities and a preview of what a day could be like.


Helps work closely with the relocating employee along with the local and corporate HR

Helps bust myths about India and answer in detail and deep understanding of what the employee’s relocation move will entail.