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Expat Home Renting

Home is where the heart is. We know that corporations have a wide range of executives, from individuals to families, who need a place to live in India. Whether it is in the center of town, family home close to the best schools or close to your workplace, we are always looking for suitable properties to meet demand. The service we offer to those relocating is unique amongst all. At Lexagent, we’re on hand to help you find your perfect home.

Services Provided

Creating a checklist and needs analysis prior to the house-hunting visit.

Furnishing paperwork that includes information about the neighborhood and maps.

Pre-screening and showcasing of paperwork and rental properties.

Accompanying them on tours to the properties.

Listing the pros and cons of each property.

Negotiating on commercials and lease.


The expertise of home brokers with professionals to save time and costs.

Use our ongoing consultation services as per corporate guidelines and policy.

Creating lease terms that are negotiated towards a win-win situation.

Saving time via online tours with pictures and maps, home finding report, pre-existing. damage report, property selection form, customer feedback among others.

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