Culture & Language Training

Learn Indian Culture & Language

In-depth insights into languages, religions, traditions and cultural customs that can help you to prepare for moving India and assist you to avoid any cultural traps that may offend.

At Lexagent, we ensure you are saying and doing just the right things! We take you through everything that makes your life faux-pas free facilitated by experts via our cross-cultural training workshops to support relocating employees and their families. The socio-cultural bridge is also mapped by our certified and experienced trainers to cover everything from business etiquette to social customs, dining Do’s and Don’ts and local social graces.

Services Provided

Arrangement of language training.

Arrangement of cultural training – Corporate and social life.

Intercultural training programs for adults, children.

Devised by certified and experienced trainers.

Professionally run courses to break stereotypes, and manage potential culture shock.


Crafted for business and social situations.

Flexible and adapted to your relocating employee’s needs.

Helps relocating employee adapt to daily living and business situations with culturally appropriate responses.