Destination Services into India

Moving to a different country can unveil a realm of good opportunities for both you and your family but it is not easy as much say’s. We understand that moving to a different country involves far more than just a change in physical location; it embodies an evolution of lifestyle, culture, and perspective. Whether you’re seeking a fresh start, pursuing advanced educational prospects, or exploring career avenues, our commitment is to make this transition as smooth and enriching as possible.

At the heart of our approach is the recognition that the essence of relocation should be about embracing new horizons, fostering connections, and embarking on an exciting journey of discovery.

Our focus is to make sure that this is the essence of your relocation experience. Our team of destination services experts handle all other aspects on your behalf. Also manage all other aspects seamlessly.

Temporary Accommodation Search

Pre-Assignment Trip

City Orientation

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Settling In​

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Departure Program

Tenancy Management

Cultural & Language Training​

Temporary Accommodation Search

This program helps in identifying an appropriate apartment hotel or corporate housing or serviced apartment for initial stay period until the long-term accommodation is found. It is an unaccompanied program supported via phone and internet. We provide you source to suitable apartments / accommodation within policy & your budget guidelines.

Pre-Assignment Trip

The pre-assignment program is typically conducted prior to actual relocation and offers an overview of the destination city. On first personal meeting; we present welcome kit, useful numbers, local guides, Map orientation and area tour. This helps the assignee in setting correct expectations and also guides him in making informed decision to plan his relocation. 

In Pre-Assignment trip we will make you visit 3-5 representative housing options, 1-2 representative schools, places of high interest like life style stores, wet grocery, dry grocery, recreation, dining, and entertainment options to get first hand insights on living conditions. Also provide brief advice on immigration compliances, tax card, bank account options, leasing practises and other aspects of relocation.

City Orientation

Starting out in a foreign city is a challenging task. It is easy to feel lost and overwhelmed during first arrival, which significantly impacts their comfort with the new host city. The City Orientation program is a customized programs designed to familiarize the employees and their families with the new city i.e. its culture, infrastructure, shopping, entertainment, security, emergency helplines etc.

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Home Search

Searching for a new home in a different location can be both exciting and challenging. Whether you’re moving for work, education, or personal reasons, finding the right place to call home is a crucial step in ensuring a smooth transition. 

Lexagent, through its established network of realtors, assists in sourcing suitable accommodation in accordance with personal preference and corporate policy. We understand your need and managing of expectations prior to arrival. 

Settling In

The settling-in services aims at providing a positive experience about the new location and minimises the distraction at work for the relocating employee. The settling-in services are designed to assist the family’s earnest process of adjusting to the new host city; and help the family through the crucial first few weeks after arrival in the new city. 

In settling in we guide with utility set up, Share service provider’s list to assist with repairs at the property, Familiarise with the neighbourhood including general stores and specialised shops, Introduce to expat clubs / recreation clubs, Share advise of local transport and commute planning, Guide on recruitment of maid and domestic help, Share emergency numbers and much more.

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School Search

The quality of education and choice of school is a critical decision that impacts the entire family’s relocation and satisfaction. Each child is unique and has different expectations. Explaining the various international schooling options and assisting the family in choosing the most appropriate school goes a long way in influencing the whole family’s perception of their new location. Happy children positively impact the relocating employee’s performance in the new position.

Departure Management

At the end of an assignment, there is much to be done to ensure that all loose ends are attended to before departure. An important part of Lexagent’s service package is to assist in the completion and formal termination of the lease including tracking of deposit recovery and hand back of the property to the landlord post a detailed walkthrough.

Visa & Immigration Services
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Tenancy Management

For the relocating employee, dealing with workers, suppliers, landlords, and leases is an unwelcome and time-consuming distraction. Lexagent’s Tenancy Management service reduces the burden on the corporate as well as the relocating employee by providing full support throughout the tenancy period. 

Our team assists with vendor search, service contracts, and continuity of utilities, property repairs and dilapidations. We also coordinate with the society office and the landlord, wherever required.

Cultural & Language Training

Lexagent provides comprehensive knowledge about languages, religions, traditions, and cultural customs to help you prepare for your move to India and avoid any cultural pitfalls that may cause offense.

At Lexagent, we ensure that you communicate and behave appropriately in every situation. Our expert-led cross-cultural training workshops guide relocating employees and their families, equipping them with the necessary skills to navigate their new environment seamlessly. Our certified and experienced trainers help bridge the socio-cultural gap, covering aspects such as business etiquette, social customs, dining protocols, and local social norms, ensuring a smooth transition into the local culture.

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