8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Investing in Real Estate
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Investing in real estate was once considered a luxury; a means for people to show off their social status rather than their needs. However, in this age of globalization, investing your money in real estate is not only necessary but also one of the most tried-and-true strategies to build your wealth in the following years. The following are a few reasons why investing in real estate is one of the safest investments for NRIs (Non Resident Indians):

  1. Remain connected to your roots: No matter how much someone enjoys living abroad, having a home in their own country provides them with a sense of belonging. Furthermore, anywhere you stay, you will be bound to say ‘Take me home’.
  2. Rental Benefits: Getting an extra property in India might provide you with an alternative stream of income. Even though NRIs must pay tax on rental income, a portion of it is tax-free under Section 80. (C).
  3. Retirement Benefits: Senior citizens that own a property in the country get to benefit from Reverse Mortgage, which means that the money borrowed from the bank for this mortgage is not counted as part of the income of the NRI.
  4. Price Advantages: Aside from the emotional connection and the perks of renting, the affordability of homes is another reason why investing in real estate is profitable for NRIs.
  5. Long-Term Returns: The real estate market has seen good growth in the previous decades and is predicted to increase by around 10 percent every year in the future.
  6. Controlled Assets: As opposed to equity and shares,   real estate research may be easily carried out by referring to portals such as magicbricks.com and 99acres.com. Also, at a small brokerage fee, professional real estate broking firms like Lexagent may be engaged to provide proper consultation, sourcing the right property, negotiations and documentation.
  7. Numerous Financing Options: From banks to various financial companies, as well as several individual lenders, there is no shortage of funding options for you to go about choosing from.
  8. Bequeathment of property: Real estate properties can be passed down to your future generations and is the type of investment that will continue to develop and grow. During the past decade, no other corporation or National Stock Exchange has topped the market three times in a row.

In summary, investing in real estate is a secure and reliable form of investment in India and on long-term holding tends to yields higher returns than other conventional forms of investments, such as mutual funds or gold because its value grows at exponential rates compared to these other assets. Purchasing real estate is a sustainable long-term investment for not only your retirement but also for the wellbeing of your progeny and future generations.

8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Investing in Real Estate