Practical Tips for Effective Expatriate Management
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Although there may be a significant failure rate for abroad assignments statistically, the possibility of an unsuccessful assignment can be reduced by implementing the following practical advice to the International Movers and Packers tips and process:

  1. Consider the assignment in terms of your company goals, including the type of the assignment and the number of assignees required. Offer competitive remuneration packages, including relocation and living expense allowances, to engage the best available candidates.
  2. Implement a thorough selection and screening approach for prospective assignees to ensure they are qualified and experienced in completing the assignment at the destination country.
  3. Carefully evaluate the host destination for any travel and security issues, and stay up to date on any upcoming changes that could affect the assignment or assignee.
  4. Prepare your assignee for deployment by implementing a pre-deployment training programme, if applicable, alongside their families.
  5. Invest in a long-term benefit and support package to assist assignees and their families in settling into their host location.
  6. Encourage a great employee experience by making casual introductions with ex-pat families, organising employee-centric activities, and hosting social networking events upon the assignee’s arrival in the host city.
  7. Keep in touch with your foreign assignee on a frequent basis to assist anticipate problems and avoid feelings of isolation.
  8. Keep track of any changes in the host destination that may have an impact on the assignment or assignee.
  9. Provide proper healthcare, including access to a 24-hour helpline and emergency aid as necessary.
  10. Provide suitable equipment as well as up-to-date methods of enhancing production, assessing performance, and remaining connected.
  11. Provide adequate repatriation packages to encourage assignees to return to work for you, including the possibility of career advancement or a suitable senior post, as well as any necessary relocation package.
  12. Debriefing interviews should be used to document lessons gained from the abroad assignment and to examine prospective career prospects for the expatriate, including the possibility of more foreign assignments.

Need expatriate management assistance?

Seeking professional advice on expatriate management is frequently a wise investment. The expense of sending employees overseas can already be substantial, but the threat of losing that investment due to a bad assignment or the loss of the assignee completely from within your company should be considered.

Getting it right can lead to higher profitability, employee retention, and the ability to successfully repeat the processing time and time again.

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Practical Tips for Effective Expatriate Management