Permanent Residency Status of India: Everything You Need to Know
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If you’re an expat who’s titillated by the prospect of moving to India in the near future — you might be wondering whether obtaining the scheme for the grant of Permanent Residency Status of India (PRS) is the right decision. The short and simple answer to status of India permanent residence question is, yes.

The PRS scheme allows one to acquire a multiple entry visa without any stay stipulation for an initial period of 10 years. Further, it also affords renewals for another 10 years subject to the good conduct of the PRS holder. This scheme by the Government of India has provided expats with a great shot at naturalization, and it’s advisable to jump on the opportunity sooner rather than later.

PRS Visa Case Analysis

The key features of the scheme have been mentioned in the press release issued by the Government of India (Press Release), but as the Press Release itself seems to suggest, further changes to immigration laws and foreign direct investment (FDI) policy will be required to give full effect to the scheme. This update briefly sets out key features of the scheme.
As per the Press Release, the scheme will allow all foreign nationals (except Pakistan Nationals) a long-term visa for 10 years on the basis of completing the requirements as per the Immigration guidelines for PRS application. The validity of the visa can be later on extended for another 10 years, if nothing adverse comes to FRRO’s notice.

The scheme will be applicable to foreign investors fulfilling the prescribed eligibility conditions where they will be required to invest a minimum of INR 10 crores (approx. USD 1.5 million) or INR 25 crores (approx. USD 3.75 million) in a span of 18 months or 36 months, respectively. Additionally, such foreign investment must lead to employment for at least 20 resident Indians every financial year.
While the scheme itself is straightforward, the duration for the status to be approved can take anywhere from 10-12 months, subject to your familiarity with the requirements and the strength of your documentation. As with anything that requires relocating overseas, the process is anything but effortless.

That being the case, the most difficult stage of the procedure is the initial one for unassuming expat hopefuls. Most of this stems from a lack of information surrounding the documentation required for a PRS application. With that said, you can bolster your case by seeking professional help from immigration consultants and advisors right from the get-go and amplify your chances of getting a permanent residency status massively.


The PRS scheme is among a series of welcome steps taken by India to fuel the ‘Make in India’ initiative and promote better inward movement of foreign investment. Becoming a PRS holder contains untold benefits. It simplifies the process and endeavor of carrying out business in the country and exempts them from the FRRO registration.

Lexagent is proud to announce that it could assist an expat hopeful in realizing this dream and become the first successful PRS story of India.
The expats, Johannes Michael Nether & Antje Ute Bauer, are both German nationals. They had always been keen on moving to India, and upon the announcement of the PRS scheme, they had started deliberating over how to materialize this aspiration of theirs. While they knew that they were eligible for the scheme, they were nervous of carrying out the process on their own for such a huge investment sum.

With the details of the PRS application itself very nebulous, the Nether family sought expert help. In the process, they struck upon the idea of availing the help of a regional immigration relocation agency that would help them achieve their PRS and get one step closer to living in the country.

After careful research and consideration of a host of immigration agencies, the Nether family finalized upon Lexagent due to its strong reputation and exalted customer feedback by expats living in the country. The Nether family then approached us for help with the documentation and processing support for their PRS application. After conducting a detailed case analysis of the Nethers’ family, we, at Lexagent, deployed a dedicated team to get started on the documentation and processing stages of the PRS application.

Steps to get Permanent Residency Status of India

After gathering the assignees’ documents and conducting a detailed analysis of them, we began preparing the application docket for the PRS. This included drafting plea letters and gathering the necessary information of the assignees to be sent to the visa officer. After gathering all the necessary details, foolproofing the documentation, and uploading all the necessary documents of the assignee and their company, we submitted the PRS application at the FRRO Immigration Office in Pune.

After posting the PRS application on the behalf of the assignees, we moved to gain verification approval by the local police station to support the seamless movement of the application through the approval stages. Post local police verification, the team swiftly achieved this stage of approval, after which the documents were sent to the Mumbai centre for further validation, i.e. tier two of the approval stage.

Forwarded the applications from the FRRO Pune centre to the FRRO Mumbai centre. A representative of ours speaking on behalf of the Nether family met the visa officer and made them understand the legitimacy of the case so that they could gain senior approval.

After explaining the nature of the assignee’s goals and the legitimate potential to the investment, we gained approval from the FRRO Mumbai office, who then forwarded the application to MHA Delhi.

Upon its arrival at MHA Delhi, the application saw a lot of inactivity and idleness for a few months. Facing a test of character, we quickly stepped up our efforts and doubled down on our follow-up processes with MHA Delhi. We amplified our call and email frequency to the MHA Department and regularly spoke to the concerned officers to prove the application legitimate before getting the final approval.

In the eighth since the application was filed, the team at Lexagent tasted sweet success, and in the process, became the first agency to achieve a permanent residency status for an expat through the online medium.

The Nether family was overjoyed upon receiving the opportunity to become a status of India permanent residence and eulogized the humble efforts made by the Lexagent team as ones that helped them achieve their dream.


As it is abundantly clear, the Indian PRS scheme is hard to get a grip on for foreign nationals wishing to move to the country. Expat hopefuls who are lost on when and how to begin can follow the example of the Nether family and seek the help of a relocation agency like Lexagent to usher them through. Lexagent itself has 15+ years of experience in helping expats relocate, and as a result, is extremely conversant of the requisites needed to make it in the country, evident from the fact that it is the first agency to have achieved the PRS status for a client online.

With our guidance, clients can throw caution to the wind and allow the hugely proficient and dedicated teams at Lexagent to take care of the approval stages for yourself. Lexagent boasts an immense success rate when it comes to helping expats relocate, and with its footing established as the premium global relocation and immigration partner, it should come as no surprise where you ought to go to realize your relocation dream.

Permanent Residency Status of India: Everything You Need to Know