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Most frequent questions and answers
  1. Foreign nationals who wish to visit India to establish industrial/business venture or to explore possibilities to set up industrial/business venture in India.  
  2. Foreign nationals coming to India for technical meetings/discussions, attending Board meetings or general meetings for providing business services support.
  3. Foreign nationals who are partners in the business and/or functioning as Directors of the company.
  4. Foreign experts/specialists  on a visit of short duration in connection with an ongoing project with the objective of monitoring the progress of the work, conducting meetings

With Indian customers and/or to provide technical guidance.

A Business Visa with multiple entry facility can be granted for a period up to five
years or for a shorter duration as per the requirement. A stay stipulation of a
maximum period of six (6) months will be prescribed for each visit by the concerned Indian Mission keeping in view the nature of the business activity for which such Business Visa is granted.  

  1. The applicant is a highly skilled and/or qualified professional, who is being engaged or appointed by a company/ organization/ industry/ undertaking in India on Contract or employment basis.
  2. The foreign national must co  mply with all legal requirements like payment of tax liabilities etc.

Family members/dependants of a foreigner who is granted “Business visa” “Employment Visa” will be granted `Dependent Visa’ under their category. Its validity should be co-terminus with the validity of the visa of the principal visa holder or for such a shorter period as may be considered necessary by the Indian Mission.”

No. A foreign national coming for executing projects / contracts will have to come only on an Employment Visa.

No change of employer shall be permitted during the currency of the Employment Visa within India except in respect of change of employment between a registered holding company and its subsidiary and vice-versa or between subsidiaries of a registered holding company