Why Document Attestation is Important?
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Document Attestation process is the most important in the professional sphere today. It has become the need of the day for proving the genuineness and authenticity of certification and also indicating the acknowledgment of the latest procedures or requirements.

Why Document Attestation is Required?

Attestation today indeed plays a vital role in several aspects of our daily lives. People are nowadays relocating abroad, either to pursue their education, to secure a job, or intra company transfers. There are jobs available in so many different sectors such as Healthcare, Information Technology, Tourism, etc. So in order to secure your visa/work permit in the destination country, you have to get your educational, commercial, and personal certificates attested from concerned govt authorities or sometimes from the Embassy of the country in which you are moving.

What types of Documents need Attestation/Apostille?

Attestation of documents is done to authenticate your personal(Birth & Mariage Certificate) and educational certificates (Highest Degree/Diploma Certificate) and papers by the government authorities so that they can be presented abroad and are also legally approved. The government authorities will first go through your submitted documents and then validate the information provided by the documents by signing them. The Apostille documents are the certificates that are issued by the Secretary of State. The Apostille is attached along with the original documents because it indicates that the documents are verified and they are legitimate.

Document Attestation/Apostille/Legalization Process

The process for Indian certificate attestation varies depending on the type of the document and the country you are immigrating. The common procedure for attestation is as follows:

  1. The certificate is delivered to the Notary for accreditation.
  2. The document passes to the Home Department of that State.
  3. The certificate reaches the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for Apostille sticker.
  4. Finally it is passed onto the respective embassy for Legalization.

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Why Document Attestation is Important?

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