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What is Apostille, Legalization and Translation?

People are nowadays shifting abroad, either to pursue their education, to secure a job, or intra company transfers for long time assignments. When such movements occur, there is a need of verification of your documents which needs to be either apostilled, legalized or translated from a certified translator. For many of us , the words looks difficult to understand. We at Lexagent try to make it simpler for you.


It is the process by which the authenticity of a document is proved by means of a stamp given by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), India. The Apostille is attached to your original document to verify it is legitimate and authentic. The Apostille makes the document valid in all the countries where the rules of the Hague convention are applicable.


It is the process whereby the authenticity of a document is proved by means of a rubber stamp from the Embassy of the destination country located in the country where the document was issued. The Embassy stamp is attached to your original document to verify it is legitimate and authentic.


Some Attestation and Legalization require translation of documents in the country to which you are travelling to (either for a job/education or any other commercial purpose). It should be translated by the certified translator.

Why Lexagent Document Attestation Services?

  • Hassle Free Service :- The primary reason is we will offer you a hassle-free experience. We will help you get the attestation done faster and better. If you are going abroad then you need to get your documents attested by the Govt. Authorities/Embassy. All these services will be provided by us and we know how to do it the best because of all the experience and expertise. 
  • Tracking And Safety of Documents:- Another very important feature that we pay great attention to is the data confidentiality. We will make sure of the fact that whatever details our clients are submitting to us, all the documents and certificates are kept safe and confidential. You can entrust us with the safety of your documents.
  • High Quality Service :- We will also help you understand the whole process of apostille documents attestation with all the instructions at every step.
  • Excellent Customer Support: -You can access our support via mail or phone and we will clear all your queries about Document Attestation.
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Thank you!!!. You and your team did a great job in handling the challenges we faced.
Malaysia Legalization
Many thanks to you and team for getting this done, I understand the effort that team has been putting thru in last 3 months.
Malaysia Legalization
It was a very professional process with regular updates and very good communication. I will most definitely come back and use the services of Lexagent.
Kuwait Legalization


Most frequent questions and answers

Documents issued in the origin country to be used in another country must be “authenticated” or “legalized” before the other country will recognize those documents and give the documents the same legal value they have in the origin country. Know More

Hague Convention is a multilateral treaty. As verification of a document is a very time taking process, hence to make it easy and hassle-free several Nations and Countries joined hands and formed a Convention in 1961 called Hague Convention. The Countries that fall under this convention do not need particular embassy attestation of the country where you are planning to visit. There are 118 countries that are under Hague Convention.

The general process involved in legalizing or attesting the document is the submission of Xerox of the passport bio page copy along with the original documents as per the requirement of the country where you wish to travel, required documents may differ from country to country.

We understand your concerns about your original documents and Personal information and we know how important the documents are, therefore at Lexagent, our team takes care of your original documents, we take every measure to keep safe and privacy of your documents.

Please ensure the same is delaminated before being submitted for attestation. Delamination at times causes damage to the document.

If your documents are laminated, we need to remove the lamination of the document as the verification seal or stamp will be stamped on the document and certificates because it is  not valid over lamination.

It completely depends on the type of attestation and the country from where you want your attestation to be done. Time and the cost for the attestation vary, as every country has its own time and fee structure to deliver the documents. You should ask your attestation expert at the time of application.

However, this should be first confirmed by the employer as it depends upon the nature and the category of the employment for which the applicant applied. Normally only the highest qualification education document is required to be attested for the employment visa.

No, only original documents are accepted by the Govt. of India for attestation.

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