Tips To Beat The Indian Heat

The unforgivable Indian summers could feel like you’ve stepped straight into a furnace. The mercury often rises above comfortable limits and the wave of heat charging at your face every time you step out in the sun could be a highly discomforting, especially if you’re traveling from a cooler country.

But that doesn’t mean India isn’t worth experiencing during the summers. From the flowers in full bloom, the smell of mangoes wafting across every street, and a melee of festival exhibiting the true spirit of the country, there’s a lot to experience in India during the summers if you could brace the heat.

Here are some tips to beat the Indian heat:

Prepare yourself

Honestly, if you’re scheduled to visit the country during the months of April through June, be ready to feel the quintessential Indian summers that most talk about it. Anticipating what to expect will save you the fiery surprise later.

Pack accordingly

Picking the right clothes is important. Breezy, pastel shade kaftaans and loose cotton pants are perfect for beating the heat in style. Unless you have a formal event to attend, trade in your shoes for comfortable flip-flops and open-foot sandals.

Once in India, you would probably notice the natives wrapping scarves around their face, which not only keeps tanning at bay, but also prevent heat strokes. Some areas, such as Rajasthan, remote villages of Madhya Pradesh, etc. experience regular heat waves. Therefore, it’s prudent to cover your face and head either with a scarf or a wide-brimmed hat.

Another important thing to be mindful of while picking your clothes is the humidity. The furnace comes with its own sauna, as metros like Mumbai, Kolkata, Kochi and other coastal areas get particularly humid. So, don’t forget to pack some moisture-wicking clothes too.

Stock up on sunscreen

While you may want to work up that gorgeous tan, know that the chances of getting sunburned is higher since the severity of Indian heat is more than its foreign counterparts. Avoid the horror of the peeling sunburnt skin by lathering up on sunscreen every time you step out.

Cool off with ever bite

Tempted to try the curries? Make sure to keep spicy food and other assortment of rich Indian delicacies to a bare minimum. Eat more cooling food, such as salads and fruits and vegetables high in water content.

Don’t put that drink down

Hydration is important to avoid falling prey to the heat. If your work involves you to be constantly on the move, make sure to carry a re-fillable bottle everywhere you go. Trade latte for locally made buttermilk and sip on fruit juices and lemonades throughout the day.

Switch your skincare regime

A change in weather could create havoc on your skin. The heat coupled with humidity can lead to sunburn, heat rashes, sweat infection, and even acne issues. Be sure to get the right skin products suiting your skin type and consult your dermatologist for advice to deal with the switch in weather.


Shifting to India calls for a major change, right from the culture to the weather. Be sure to mentally prepare for it in advance and ease yourself into the heat with our above-mentioned tips.

Tips To Beat The Indian Heat

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