Lexagent Services Holds Annual Meet April 2022
Lexagent Annual Meet April 2022

The Annual Meet for Lexagent Services was held on 16th April 2022 at Esquare The Fern, Pune. The previous financial year 2021-22 held great significance for us. This was the year that reflected our revival and achievement after nearly 18 months of stalled activities owing to the pandemic.

The new financial year brings lots of promise, goal setting for upcoming years, addition to client contentment, recognitions, rewards, hard work, and diligence of our Lexagent team members.

Motivational Speech by Mrs. Preeti Roongta, Director of Global Sales and Immigration

The D-day started with an Introduction to Meeting Agenda and was followed by-

  1. Inspirational and motivational speech by Director Global Sales and Immigration, Mrs. Preeti Roongta
  2. KYC (Know Your Colleagues) session
  3. Targets and Achievements of the Last Quarter
  4. Star Performers (month/Quarter/Year) declaration with certificates and trophies
  5. A valuable and significant recap of major highlights for FY 2021-22 and projections for FY 2022-23 by MD, Mr. Vikas Roongta
  6. Team building activities
  7. Ideas Bubble
  8. Stress management session
  9. Self-Review and De-brief

Of course with refreshments and lunch breaks in between

Star Performer of the Month

Star Performer of the Quarter

Star Performer of the Year 2021-2022

Stress Management Session by Mr. Abhijeet Patil, Manager of Sales

The Stress Management Session was a valuable addition to the Annual Meet, which helped each member of Lexagent Services to experience calmness and relaxation of mind and soul. Special mention to Mr. Abhijeet Patil, Manager of Sales for conducting the Stress Management Session for the Lexagent team.

The takeaway of the day emphasized knowing more about Lexagent Services for the new team members, team collaboration and team building, achievements for the Fiscal Year 2021 and setting goals for upcoming years, motivational and inspirational words by Mr. Vikas Roongta, and Mrs. Preeti Roongta and of course accolades, awards, and prizes.

Team Lexagent- United We Stand!

The previous year 2021 marked a good achievement for Lexagent Services in terms of good reviews by our valuable customers, vendors, and partners. We are now enthusiastically looking forward to the upcoming years, expecting more opportunities to provide our best services for expat relocation in India.

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Lexagent Services Holds Annual Meet April 2022