Relocating to India... Lexagent makes it easy

About Us

Incorporated in 2005, Lexagent is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company offering  boutique style Relocation, Immigration and Real Estate services. We ensure your experience at the destination is hassle-free, by offering a comprehensive service basket by hand holding expat employees and their families through the entire process.

Service Locations

Lexagent Service Locations

Headquartered in Pune, Lexagent has slowly and steadily grown into a Pan- India provider, consistently delivering a superlative experience to our clients with presence across 10 cities in India –which include Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Vadodara.

Why Lexagent?

Lexagent is all about experiencing and moving to India without the hardship, the surprises and helping your expat employees understand this vast country with ease. We hold your employee relocating with their family with everything — from a major decision like a school, home to helping you make new friends becoming your family in India — we play every role to get you up and running in India.

India, despite its charm and mystery, is a country that is tough to navigate for a foreigner. For the last 15 years, at Lexagent, we help expats and their families enjoy the multitude of experiences of India.

Our Vision & Mission


- To be a world class provider of relocation services in India for our customers
- To be the best conduit to experience India for expats relocating to India
- To be an industry benchmark to reach for our peers
- To be the best place to grow for our employees


To be local experts with a global touch in the relocation industry as we help you breathe, work and live the ‘India experience’ with our new-age and instant solutions, tech-empowered communication, and taking ownership of the experience for our clients, customers and their families alike!


Executive Management Team

Vikas Roongta

Managing Director

An engineering and management graduate, Vikas Roongta has over 25 years of service industry experience. Practical, calm and unruffled during a crisis, Vikas has travelled to over 30+ countries across the world assimilating global business practices. With over a decade of work experience in the US with software, immigration and relocation services, Vikas is the flag-bearer of Team Lexagent.

Preeti Roongta

Director Global Sales and Immigration

The devil is in the detail is her belief and her post-graduation in science is proof of that. With 20 years of service industry experience, Preeti has worked with MNC’s across the world garnering an understanding of people, places and their culture. With a strong US experience spanning placement, immigration and relocation, Preeti is a wealth of practical information with a strong local network that can make the impossible, possible.

Ankush Jain

General Manager- Immigration

Immigration Wizard, an MBA graduate, he sleeps, breathes, walks immigration rules and regulations. Very affable, with a wicked sense of humour, he is a trouble-shooter for immigration assignments. He has over 5 years of experience in Relocation and Immigration industry. He is well organized, a good team leader and loves to take challenges in his profession. As immigration team lead at Lexagent, he contributes to strategic inputs and is actively involved in client interactions. He is smart, intelligent and comes up with out of box solutions.

Glaston Gomes

Manager Relocation

Relocation & Mobility Expert, a Commerce and Managing International Mobility (MIM) graduate. Hails with a rich experience of 9 years, having spent 7 years in the UAE into Operations & Sales; eye for detail and getting the job done within set deadlines is Glaston’s forte. Glaston puts his heart into his work, understands priorities, envisages course of events and executes responsibilities to achieve excellence – that’s something very vital in the Relocation Industry. Glaston will manage to put a smile on your face even in the most strenuous situations and then would solve the hurdles like they never existed, making Relocation a completely stress-free experience for the people involved. Value for Time & Honesty are Glaston’s core principles and Delivering Inspiration is his belief.

Pranil Lunkad

Manager - Real Estate

He’s a commerce graduate pursuing CA and has hand-on experience in different sectors of business. Passionate about Real Estate and with 2 years of strong experience in Lexagent, Pranil has shown true virtues of passion, patience, flexibility, negotiation and analytical thinking in himself which make him stand out from the rest in front of his clients. He doesn’t hesitate to go an extra mile for clients and is appreciated for his dedicated and tireless work that he puts in to bring landlords with the good tenant and tenant to get a wonderful home. His excellent communication skills, a warm and friendly approach, and with extra skills on his sleeves like corporate leasing, personal leasing, landlord’s property representation and rental properties make him shine brighter.